CSIA Members,
I’m here for you.

My name is Gunars Kazaks.
I’m ready to represent Ontario with integrity and excellence.

Join me if you agree with my vision for the CSIA:

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Why I’m the best choice

The bottom line is, I’m the right person to represent Ontario on CSIA’s National Board.

Let me tell you what I bring to the table and why I’m the right guy for the job:

It’s no secret that the CSIA has governance problems. If I become Ontario’s rep, I’ll put an end to this. As a governance professional with extensive work experience, I know what I’m doing.

To start, I’ve served on CSIA’s Ontario Governance Committee for the past two years. I helped develop and implement last year’s regional survey.

Besides the CSIA, I’m the Director of Facilities and Administrative Services for Canada’s Courts Administration Service. I assist our federal court judges with HR, governance, project management, and finances.

Without a thriving membership, there is no CSIA. The importance of this can’t be overlooked. You are the heartbeat of our alliance.

Your voice matters to me. You deserve real representation.

I’m ready to pick up the phone or meet for a coffee and listen to what you have to say. I want to hear straight from you to know what’s working and what needs to be improved in the CSIA.

I want to be sure our National Board makes tactical choices for our members’ benefit.

🗣️ Got something you want to share with me right now? Tell me about it!

Right now, Ontario members have no voice at the National Board.

But effective communication has to start at the top.

I talk to senior government executives and parliamentary partners every day at work. These conversations affect Canada’s political landscape.

In other words, I appreciate the power of conversation. It’s a skill I’ve mastered.

Between you and me, I’m excited to connect with each and every regional board. From coast to coast, I want to build lasting, unbreakable bonds with CSIA’s governance teams.

I’m gonna level with you. CSIA must do way more to keep and attract members.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. A thriving membership is what keeps our alliance going.

Our ski schools in Ontario are a vital part of long-term engagement. To build lifelong skiers and future ski instructors, ski schools need our board’s support.

There’s nothing I love more than teaching skiing. As CSIA members, we share a passion for ski instruction. I can’t wait to inspire the next generation!

There’s no laughing at this.

CSIA has struggled with budget planning and financial stability lately. Lack of focus has been a big problem.

We deserve better value for our money. Membership fees are going up, but access to professional development is going down.

I don’t like this one bit. And I can’t imagine you do, either.

Financial matters are a core part of my job and I’m not scared to negotiate. I run our federal court system’s facilities and administrative services, so I’m always looking at the bottom line.

Before this, I was a Regional Director of Business Administration for the Salvation Army. Through financial oversight and business audits, I kept operations on track.

As far as money goes, you can count on me to hold our national board accountable.

The First 100 Days

If elected, here’s my plan for the first 100 days as your Ontario National Representative:

What do the Ontario CSIA members need from the National Board?

I’m going to start by talking to the Ontario Board and looking at their strategic plan.

Bonus: I’ll connect with CSIA’s other five regional boards, too.

Introducing myself to all our regional boards will show I’m open to collaboration.

I want our ski school directors to know CSIA is here to help. The same goes for ski resort operators and owners. CSIA’s National Board needs to know what we can do for them. From what I’ve heard during the campaign, we’re failing them.

Remember PDPs? They were fantastic. Where did they go? We need them back—and more.

You deserve a variety of benefits—things like supercharged regional events and affordable, convenient training online or on the hill.

Perks are great, what’s not to love? Let’s unlock new opportunities!

Having served on Ontario’s Governance Committee, I know what our National Governance Committee needs to do.

To make the changes CSIA needs, this committee will need funding, support, and feedback. I’ll ensure the lines of communication stay open between our members and the committee.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress on this website as I tackle each of the points above. You can always count on me to share my progress with you, whether it’s something Board-related or something specific you’ve asked me to report on.


Vote Gunars Kazaks until 15 April 2023 for CSIA Ontario National Representative!

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CSIA Level 4 Instructor and Course Conductor, ACA Performance Level
Gunars Kazaks, CSIA Level 4 Instructor and Course Conductor, ACA Performance Level